Maeler’s Regard

Maeler's Regard

MAELER’S REGARD: Images of Adult Learning

First published in 1999 by Stewart Victor Publishing, Sydney; now republished as a pdf file which can be accessed on this site and downloaded for free.

Description from the back cover of the original edition:

“In learning we make meaning. In making meaning we make choices. These choices can be moral and political ones. The author argues that learning and teaching are not just means by which we achieve personal growth but tools to be used in the struggle for social justice.

This original and challenging book examines the mysterious and complex process of learning. The text contains

  • Vivid and compelling images—of a painting, a climb, the surf, a kidnapping, New York, and a long an exhilarating night in a jazz club
  • Descriptions of people­—on a picket line in South Africa, in the brick kilns of north Pakistan, in a women’s refuge in Sydney, in a theatre in London, and on an oil tanker in the Persian Gulf
  • Stories and case studies—of resistance, fear, success, and persistent application
  • Explanation and analysis of the ideas of activists, educators, philosophers and social theorists.

The book is written in an accessible style. It covers a range of themes, including experience, critical and uncritical thinking, consciousness, forms of power and social control, social movements, civil society, social action, resistance and protest, learning as social beings, and learning as moral beings.”

Defining the Enemy - Michael Newman

The text

The main text is identical to that in the previous hardcopy form, but in order to make the book more suitable for reading on screen both the font and pagination have been changed. There is no index but you can find the relevant chapters or search for keywords or authors by using your find function. If you intend reading for any time on screen then we suggest you adjust by zooming to a view size (perhaps 125%) which suits your computer.

How to cite this electronic version of the book

Newman, M. Maeler’s Regard: Images of adult learning.  2007. (Originally published 1999.)